Shenzhen In-sail Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

In-saiL & Sandum originated from Leasan Group that establish in 1982 in Taiwan. We specialize in high quality fastening system componets, automation components, electronic components, molds components and machining tools.

In order to improve competitiveness and better serve customers in mainland China, In-saiL registered an independent operation center in Shenzhen in 2008 and registered the In-saiL® Brand in 2012,

Committed to the manufacture of precision parts and fastening solutions.

Take "Innovation first, strict quality and excellent service" as the business purpose

Take "Honesty, exquisite skill, thinking, gratitude"as the core values

Up to now, we have two operation centers (Shenzhen and Chengdu) and two manufacturing plants(Shenzhen and Dongguan).

Product application fields: Automotive, medical, electronic, engineering equipment and other fields,

In-saiL & Sandum (China) Operation Center is part of Leasan Enterprise Group. Group since 1982 in Taiwan, has always insisted quickly and accurately provide a variety of high-quality parts fastening systems, automation parts, electronic hardware, mold parts, machine tools and other parts to customers. Group has committed to R & D and innovation, the core technology as the center, including: Environmental process technology, precision molds technology, CNC machining technology, powder metallurgy technology. Group is not only a sound R & D management system, but also in the Intellectual Property Management to work actively to enhance the international competitiveness of the Chinese mission, and corporate social responsibility in environmental protection and energy saving, emission reduction, green, recycling and other efforts to promote and dedication;

Leasan Enterprise Group was established 33 years ago, it has established five manufacturing centers, located in Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Jiangsu and Guangdong. The purchase of a large number of high-precision manufacturing equipments, such as CNC lathes, CNC milling, CNC grinding machines, precision presses and injection molding machines more than 3600 sets, with the system of industrial parts manufacturing capacity. Also set up independent 3 operations center (Taiwan operations center, operations center in Singapore and Shenzhen operations center), responsible for worldwide customer′s business cooperation and technical support.

In-saiL Hardware & Sandum Precision to force Leasan Enterprise Group as the basis, will focus on the quality and delivery of client work together to contribute our wisdom and strength for the development of the global manufacturing industry.
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