Oyvac Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

OYVAC Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. Is a research and development, production, sale, installation in one of the vacuum accessories manufacturers. Our core areas of expertise are Vacuum Bellows, Vacuum Valve, Centering Ring, Vacuum Flanges, Vacuum Clamps for applications from high vacuum to extreme high vacuum. In addition, we focus on innovative technologies for highest demands on the required cleanliness and quality of products.

OYVAC Inc. Products are used worldwide in the aerospace, nuclear, semiconductor, cryogenic, chemical, thin film batteries, solar, photovoltaic, surface treatment, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, medicine, and other industries.

We are focused on continuous innovation and sustainability. We are looking forward to discussing with you, to hearing your suggestions and to finding joint solutions for new challenges.

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at OYVAC®